Swimsuit selection tips

Swimsuit selection tips

1. Skin tone

For fair-skinned people, choosing a cool swimsuit would be a good choice. People with darker skin are suitable to wear warm-toned swimsuits, such as red, orange, yellow and other colors that lean toward the sun. Of course, choosing pure white is also a sign of self-confidence.

2. Overall figure

People who are too slender should choose swimsuits with large flower patterns or bright patterns, which can make people look fuller. Bikini styles for short statures will make the body look more slender, but pay attention to the color should be mainly plain, avoid exaggerated patterns, because that will make you look more plump and reduce the slender effect. To make yourself look slim, you can wear a dark or small floral swimsuit.

3. Chest

Those with a flat chest are suitable for wearing a swimsuit with a chest pad or a wrinkled design on the chest. Brightly colored swimsuits emphasize the overall line and can divert attention. Those with full breasts are suitable for dark swimsuits. The design is simple and flat. Low-cut and excessive chest decorations should be avoided.

4. Waist

Those with a thick waist are best to wear swimsuits with a relatively color-matching design on the sides and middle of the waist, or choose swimsuits with different patterns on the upper and lower body colors, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. Those with a long waist are suitable for wearing split swimsuits, but low-waist designs should be avoided for swimming trunks.

5. Abdomen

For those with a larger abdomen, wearing a single-piece diagonal style can create a flat visual effect on the abdomen, and a high-waisted two-piece suit and a short shirt-style top can divert attention.


Those with larger buttocks should wear plain pants with plain or printed tops. Flat pants and petticoats can conceal the oversized buttocks.

7. Legs

If the thighs are too thick, choosing a swimsuit with a beautiful pattern will have the effect of diverting attention, and a short skirt swimsuit has a better modification effect. Those with short legs are best to wear high-forked swimsuits, as this can give people the illusion that their legs look slender and avoid boxer shorts.